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About Clever Medkits

Clever Medkits are smart first aid systems that help ensure you are always ready and prepared in the event of a work place injury. Clever Medkits raises your standard of care and compliance keeping you informed of all first aid events and stock consumption in real time. Clever Medkits help you take better care of your people and reduce workplace risk.

  • Real-time incident & stock event notifications
  • 24/7 stock monitoring
  • Automated Medkit restocking
  • Saves you money & time
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The Clever Medkit App

Wherever you are, the Clever Medkit app automatically monitors your first aid readiness across your organisation, sending you critical alerts in the event of a workplace incident. The app compares use across your sites allowing you to measure, monitor and improve your first aid.

Protect your reputation with Clever Medkits

Simply put, Clever Medkits represents peace of mind that your duty of care to your people is fulfilled and your brand and reputation protected, easily and efficiently.

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Analytics and metrics - Clever Medkits

Clever Medkit delivers a suite of analytics and metrics that allow you to see current and future trends that can help you decide on preventative actions to reduce workplace injuries and improve safety for your people.

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Total time How is the time saved calculated Saved 0 Total Time: a calculation generated from studies of user time savings when using Clever Medkits 'fast take' system versus using stock from "old school" first aid kits.

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CleverMedkit saves us time and money. It shows our staff and customers that we take Health and Safety seriously.
Dave Whalley, McDonald's owner
It’s great to see the photos and events, I never had that visibility before.
Jolene Mcguire, Safety Executive
Having to not check stock is saving us so much time, it’s a great system.
Nikki Lee, Safety Manager

The future of first aid

We are disrupting a $10 billion market with our digital first aid stations. Join in our quest to consign analogue old school first aid stations to the pages of history.

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Saline Eye Wash Eye wash These 30ml ampules can be used for eye washing or flushing out wounds.
Eye Pads Eye pads Provided to help protect injured eyes from further injury and to aid the prevention of infection.
Disposable Nitrile Gloves Gloves Considered the glove of choice for the food industry, medical use and protection.
Triangular Bandage Tri bandage This handy bange can be used as a pad to control bleeding. support for an injured arm, keep a dressing in place, or as a tourniquet.
Blue medical tape Tape Used to secure a bandage or dressing over a wound.
Crepe Bandages Crepe bandage Handy bandages are suitable for use for applying pressure and supporting sprains and strains.
Large Bloodstopper Blood stopper The large bloodstopper provides a pressure pad for heavy bleeding, a protective dressing for superficial wounds and can be used as a temporary support dressing.
Large Burn Dressing Burn gel This 10 x 10cm hydrogel burn dressing provides a simple and effective way of relieving pain and treating burns.
Non Adherent Dressing Dressing This handy 10cm x 10cm non adherent dressing is for minor wounds and are constructed not to stick or adhere to the wound.
Face Mask Face mask An aid for mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Camera Camera The camera automatically takes a picture of the user.
Small Bloodstopper Blood stopper small This small bloodstopper provides a convenient sterile dressing and is useful for injuries to fingers and toes.
Antiseptic Hand Cleaner Hand cleanser Sterile moist hand cleaning wipes for effective hand cleansing and disinfection.
Wound cleaning wipes Wound cleanser Convenient and simple to use, the cleansing fluid consists of sterile saline solution.
Burn Sachets Burn gel small These quick and handy to use burn gel sachets cool, sooth and relieve the effects of minor burns.
Plasters Plasters Detectable or fabric plasters for treating or covering minor wounds.
Emergency Blanket Emergency blanket Used to reduce heat loss and protect a patient from trauma following an incident.
Biohazard waste disposal bag Bio bag Used to for safe collection and disposal of biohazard waste.

Scissors and Stainless Tweezers Scissors and tweezers
First aid guide First aid guide A useful guide to the products, uses and common first aid situations.
Clever Medkit App
Clever Medkit App
Clever Medkit App