About the Clever Medkit

One day while securing cargo on a truck, Tom, an employee of a logistics company, slipped, and badly cut his hand. When his workmates rushed to his aid however, they found the company first aid kit empty, and suddenly a bad problem had become a lot worse. Adding insult to injury, it just so happened that that first aid kit had been checked just 24 hours earlier.

It had been fully stocked then, but now - somehow - the medical cupboard was bare and the injured worker would just have to wait for the appropriate medical attention.

It's an all too common - and dangerous - scenario.

We knew there must be a better way to ensure that workers and business owners are always ready and able to deal with workplace accidents, whenever and wherever they occur.

So we invented Clever Medkit, the cutting-edge 'smart' first aid station that monitors your stock levels over the internet and sends you replacement supplies automatically, meaning no more unwelcome first aid kit surprises.

Join us on our quest as we disrupt a $10billion global market and consign "Old School" analogue first aid stations to the history books with Clever Medkit.

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