Clever Medkits first aid Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Clever Medkit cost?

The Clever Medkit stations are owned by our company and provided to customers for a fixed monthly fee. Consumables that are used and courier fees associated with replenishment shipments are additional.

How can Clever Medkits save me money?

Every first aid event costs you time and money and can hurt your people, reputation and productivity. Our smart approach to first aid helps you swiftly identify and mitigate first aid risks as they happen which translates to bottom line savings. This is good for your people and good for your company.

Are Clever Medkits available in my country?

Clever Medkits are currently available in New Zealand and Australia with limited numbers now also available in the USA, Canada and Europe. Please sign up to our newsletter for further updates!

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How do Clever Medkits work?

The Clever Medkit is the world's first smart first aid station and is connected to the internet. Leveraging our proprietary Clever Sense technology, Clever Medkit accurately senses when stock is removed and replaced. When stock is low, Clever Medkit automatically orders new items to provide an exceptionally high standard of stock compliance. Moreover, Clever Medkits app allows you to receive real time event notifications.

What do I have to do to maintain my Clever Medkits

Clever Medkits are super simple to maintain. You will receive notifications via the Clever Medkits app when any action is required, for example; "New stock has arrived for your Clever Medkit, please replenish it."

How often do I receive/need to order stock?

With Clever Medkits you don't need to order stock! Clever Medkits know when stock needs to be replenished to stay compliant and will automatically order the necessary stock!

You will receive a notification with a link to track your replenishment delivery via the Clever Medkits App.

Can I see a demo of the Clever Medkits app?

Yes we provide demo accounts to pre-approved customers. Simply send us a message via the link below and we will be in touch to set you up a demo account.

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Where do I find the Clever Medkits video tutorials?

All our videos tutorials and documents can be found on the Clever Medkit App. These resources are only available to customers using Clever Medkit.

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